related to chronic low-dose ionising radiation exposure in population 

from Băița-Ştei uranium mine area

PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-1009 (266/01.10.2015)

Financing authority: Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS - UEFISCDI



The study aim is to create a database containing genotoxic effects caused by exposure to environmental low doses of ionizing radiation for residents living near the Băița depleted uranium mine.

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Project objective

The aim of the present research proposal is to provide data on the genetic hazards due to environmental exposure of low doses of ionizing radiation in population residing near the depleted Băița-Ştei uranium mine (Bihor County). For this purpose, two main objectives will be achieved, consisting in the accurate assessment of the annual effective dose for the population under study as well as the rigorously evaluation of the DNA damage in lymphocytes induced by radiation using the alkaline comet assay and the micronucleus test.

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Project team

In order to carry out the activities described above, an interdisciplinary team is required.